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The parties to this offer are:

The party having Confidential Information (hereinafter referred to as the Transferring Party), that will disclose part of its information to the other party (hereinafter referred to as the Receiving Party), represented by Prestige Capital LP, within a specific reasonable period of time.

1. Subject of the offer

1.1. The purpose of this offer is to protect Confidential Information that the Parties will exchange in the course of their negotiations, entering into contracts and fulfilling their obligations.

1.2. The purposes of information exchange (“the Stated Purpose”) are negotiations between the Parties, incorporation of legal entities, consulting services in the field of international tax planning or interaction under any other, apart from this, contracts between the Parties.

1.3. Confidential Information may be presented in writing (original documents and copies) or verbally.

2. Conditions of transfer and storage of confidential information

2.1. In exchange for the Transferring Party’s consent to provide the Receiving Party with information in accordance with this offer, the Receiving Party (including its officers, employees and attorneys) undertakes to ensure that all Confidential Information of the Transferring Party:

  • is kept as confidential and neither reproduced, nor copied (more than reasonably necessary for the Stated Purpose);
  • will not be transferred, disclosed or in any other way become available to any other third party (except for officers, employees and attorneys of the Receiving Party who need to know and use Confidential Information for the Stated Purpose and except for court decisions and official requests of law enforcement authorities requiring disclosure of confidential information);
  • is not used for any other purpose except for the Stated Purpose;
  • is kept in compliance with security measures in offices of the Receiving Party (confirmation of which will be given to the Transferring Party in case it requests so).

2.2. The Receiving Party undertakes to return all and any Confidential Information of the Transferring Party to the Transferring Party (including all copies) at its request.

2.3. Obligations of the Receiving Party under this Offer are perpetual and shall remain in force for an indefinite period of time.

2.4. The Parties will strive to resolve all disputes and disagreements under this offer by negotiations, and in case of failure such disputes shall be referred to the court at the location of the defendant.

2.5. The Parties shall not be liable for nonfulfillment of their obligations hereunder if it is a result of force majeure events, including, but not limited to, war, terrorist attacks, natural disasters and deeds of state authorities. The Party subject to such event must as soon as possible inform the other Party and take all possible measures to prevent disclosure of Confidential Information.

2.6. By signing this offer, the Transferring Party accepts the conditions of transfer, storage and use of Confidential Information by the Receiving Party.

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